Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring has Sprung

My neighbor asked me if I wanted her old
swing set, without hesitation I said yes. My kids love
go on it ALL the time. Paige practically lives in the swing.
It actually keeps them in the back yard. WOW never
thought id see that coming. Thanks Diane or should I say
Taylor & Cameron for giving it up for a new one.
I found these three monkeys chillin....I like these kind

This is probably my favorite season yes I know CA doesn't really have them but when the time changes and the weather is 70 and the sun is shinning bright and birds are chirping. All sounds of nature. The bright bold colors of the green grass ,bushes, flowers , trees, gardens..I love the comfortable weather NOT the 10010 degree weather that we will probably get this HOT summer. Thanks to our HF I do and can appreciate the beauties of the earth. We are blessed.. OH so blessed.
Beautiful gardens

Beautiful colors

Scott told me about these topsy turvey things
one sat me and the kids went to home Depot and picked up
one strawberry one tomato. Them Scott came home the other day bought 2 more, Im hoping to have many yummy strawberries and tomato.

My beautiful roses

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Scott chopping up 8 heads of cabbage
The Leprechauns came this yr and left
a rainbow with gold coins & shamrock chocolate
and green necklaces. Every yr is different but the gold $1 coins is a must have ....

I took one home with me from school

I think I can take this one,,he's cute

I was feelin happy go lucky :)

This is our 4th year and now a tradition in the Hughes home.. We invite 5-6 families to join in on the fun.. I found out a lot of them have never had corned beef and cabbage with red potatoes, or they just don't want to cook it, or would rather some one else do it. Sc ott and I don't mind it at all and it's one fun holiday where it's not a huge $$$ making day. We have fun everyone has been given something to bring that is green of course ie,,,rice krispies treats,jello, green ice cream drinks, paper goods. Yes th I am cooking all day but worth it. This yr I decided to cook brisket in my crock pot...mmm yummy best one yet. I had 6 briskets cooking at once. No I do not have a big kitchen or a big stove.. Somehow I manage to work it all out... Thanks to those families who joined in and shared the lucky day with us. Martinez,Hyer, Barron, Willett, Jordans, and the Vergos. See ya next year....................

YEA !!! 4 Tanner

Tanner got his Blue ribbon achievement today.. I am so proud of him. He has been struggling this year and his teacher has given him incentives to help. this one is actually for all the kids in school obviously at their own grade level. The goal is to get all kids in each class 100% Go tanner.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Really Want !!

There are two things I really want. I really have had a love and have always like taking pictures. I almost always have a camera on me. I like catching people in off moments , when they are NOT expecting them. I would love to get a very good and nice camera and take some classes too.It seems everyone around me has a nice camera.Yes kinda jealous.
They other want is actually a NEED now. We have outgrown this cute little home and we need some growing room. We bought this home newly married no kids and both were working full time. Now we have 3 kids I'm home full time and i feel crammed in it. Do not get me wrong I am very blessed to have a home a roof over my head.Especially in these tough times. I just feel really tight in my home,with one bathroom and and no family or other room to go.

I'm hoping for my birthday a camera or a front porch I've always wanted. Since my husband wants to stick it out here another 2 yr or 5 he says. I won't last. Two yrs I can do I Hope. another 5 or even 10 not an option.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Let's play ball

Well it's officially little league baseball season now. As this year it will be quit interesting with 2 kids playing to see how this is going to all work.I already know we have some games playing at the same time and since Scott is manager for Logan's team he will have to miss tanners and Mom will be going back and forth. It is so fun to see Logan have so much excitement and to have his own team and his own uniform. Tanner is in AA and Logan T-ball. We also look forward to some Dodger games. We really enjoy them...

Scott i s working two jobs coaching two teams and somewhere he finds time to take me out on a date. I did feel like a single mom. I have the kids a lot.People have asked me how i do it. I don't know any different to be honest. I love being a mother and playing and teaching my kids.

I've tried and I need help so if anyone knows how I've tried to change my blog to some bright colors either i just am not doing right or i don't get it. I love march for the spring and St Patrick's day. It is a fun green day at the Hughes home.