Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Princess Paige is 4

Paige got this huge lipstick bank from Scott's fitting anything that goes on her lips she calls lips.
King and his princess
daddy and daughter

mother and her princess

blowing out her #4 candle

Thanks to all who were there and those that brought a gift.
Brynn,Brenna, Sophie,Princess Paige ,Taylor and little Avery :)

Making princess play dough

All dolled up

I think she already lost her glass slipper.
Paige has a princess party the note on the front door said "are you a real princess"?
After reading the book the princess and the pea the card should have said are you a true princess. I just found out about this book the day before and thought it would tie right into the party. Nobody told me about this OLD book. I blame my mom. JK
Anyways we had an activity that associated with each princess.The girls all came home with painted nails face painted eye shadow. Red rose gems stones a princess tumbler and lots of princess stuff...We had fun and mom loved planning for it.Yes my husband says you wanted a little girl just do do all the girly stuff..One of the reasons...I love it..Thanks Paige for being my Sweet little girl. We love you and hope all you dreams come true.Happy 4 Bday Paige.