Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

This last Friday we had a surprise visit.
Some old neighbors came to visit. The
two on the ends are twins 5 yrs. Yes they
huge . Logan id 41/2 Tanner will be 8.

Helping mommy make pans and
pans of green rice krispies for
St. Patty's day.

Paige helping mommy mix the
green marshmallow.

Every year the leprechauns find their
way here and leave chocolate clovers
gold coins and something green.
And they leave a trail of glitter.
Fun! Fun! Fun!

Logan & Paige being silly.
Every year we invite friends and family over for corned beef and cabbage withe potatoes and green jello green rice krispies. Green drink and Green dessert. We have fun.This year we celebrated it with the missionaries , my mom, the Hyers, the Lloyds. The Barrons and Willetts couldn't make it this year. Next year. Hope you all wore your green and didn't get pinched.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tanner proud of his Lego's.
Logan helping mom make her famous
brownies and he gets to lick the spoon.

Tanner gets to take out the trash every night and
wants light because it is too dark so they all have to
get their Indiana Jones lights.

Paige is so proud of herself along with mommy for going poop on the potty for the 1st time.

Logan and Paige had so much fun walking grandma s dog Scout. So cute holding hands .

We're singing in the rain

Tanner started a new season of baseball.
This year we are the Padres. He he is with
Kyle and Benjamin. 2 of his best buds.

Paige and Logan taking advantage of building
Lego's without big brother Tanner.

Tanner received an award for Excellence in
attitude & citizenship. Always Happy
& anxious to please! We are Proud of Tanner and his
progress he has made in his schooling.
Go Tanner
As you can see the kids sure do keep us busy. The kids love to help cook and do laundry and take out the trash. So of course I take advantage of these opportunities to teach them now. So they can be more independent.
Logan's school recently help a grandparents luncheon and grandma went on Thursday and grandy & grandpa went on Friday. Logan loves to share his projects and school with his family. Paige is really into babies and cupcakes. She is improving dramatically in her speech and may not need any more therapy as of her 3rd b-day. Yes you read right my baby is going to be three. I've always had a baby on the way or here at this point. As we all know that won't be happening. I am very blessed to have three healthy smart & beautiful children.Tanner is getting ready also to turn the big 8 years old and preparing for baptism. tanner has decided along with mom and dad to have some friends come over and have a boys sleep over and let boys be boys! His 6 best friends are the Willett twins from church, school and baseball , Kyle from school soccer and baseball, CJ from church an school, Cade from soccer and Nick from school and baseball last year. We won our first game of the season 15-0.Sorry it took so long my life lately has been a little complicated. Thanks for understanding.!!!