Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Logans 5 Birthday

Yummy Cake " HAPPY Birthday"
Logan's favorite ride. can u blame him.

Logan hitting the the pinata.

waiting for friends to arrive

Mommy and Logan waiting for the train. All Aboard...Well as you can see we started the day off at Disneyland to get his free gift card. We stayed and went on a few rides, then headed home. It was so nice there. Beautiful day no waits. wanted to stay but had to come home to get ready for his party. A Dodger party with his friends. We played baseball,ate hot dogs , popcorn, licorice, and of course cake and ice cream. Logan surprisingly ate his cake. Not just the frosting that he loves. He did request the skateboards kids head to eat though. Funny !
Any how we did pinata cake and presents. We had fun. Thanks to Brenna-Brooklyn- Natalie- Cameron-Kylee-Rodrigo-Lauren Grandy N Grandpa & Grandma for all my fun toys. Logan is in Kindergarten now with Mrs. Perez and loves going to school now. My happy is growing and I'm proud of him. Happy 5 birthday buddy.