Sunday, February 8, 2009

My three precious jewels

I wanted to give my three children a little Valentine tribute. I want all 3 of them to know how much mommy loves them and that I would to anything for them. I am so grateful for these beautiful children that Heavenly father has given to me to teach, nurture, raise , help and play with a love. I have so much fun with my kids and love playing with them. Don't get me wrong there are days and times when I do need a brake. Normal right! Tanner has a new job where he takes the trash out every day and does the dishes after dinner. This was one night this week and I thought it was cute. I have often caught my kids with an open book a work book scripture and I try to capture those moments and let them know It makes me Happy. Logan went #2 on the potty for the first time in a while and I told him he would get a toy and since we had it left over from x-mas I gave it to him. This is the cars mountain race. Anyways there are definitely more pictures in this one. Enjoy and Happy Valentines Day to all you love birds!!!