Monday, September 29, 2008


Friday night Wendy and I decided to get out and go to Disneyland. COnsidering we have passes and we have not been since spring break.It's always crazy in the summer time. We went to California adventure and went on California screamin and to the carasel for Logan and PAige. Then to the silver bullet and soarin ca. We then headed over to Disneyland and waitined forever for haunted mansion. Thought it would be fast since the firework show was going on. we all were so tired we decided to go home. We did have fun though.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Packers Go!!!

Well this year we are having a good year so far. Tanner is really getting into it and loves meeting new players and plays against alot of his friends. We have managed to win 2 tied 1 so far.Scott and his assistant really run and work them hard at practices. Grandy and Grandpa and Grandma come for support along with Mom Paige and Logan. We enjoy watching the game.Paige loves Papa and Logan likes grandpa to hold him.We will keep you updated on the Packers. I thought those were football teams.(whatever) I'm not in charge.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Logans 4th b-day party

Logan wanted a Spider b-day party so we decided to have some friends over and BBQ fish Scott caught and have a water slide pinata and yummy cake. We had friends and family come help celebrate. with us. Yes we did feed the missionaries. When your preparing food for 40 whats 2 more. Anyways I know the kids had a blast and we had all the kids take turns with the pinata and Tanner , Tyler and the twins made a dent but Scott actually had to get a real bat a swing really hard to break it. Funny. We opted not to open presents because we were both tired and thought to do it later. Well that didn't last long by the time we were done cleaning up Logan had already started opening them and I had to round up card and hope I could figure out who gave what. So sorry I only figured out 3 so far. We put the rest of toys away until Logan woke up at 6;30 and opened the rest. He had a ball I guess that's what b-days are for. right... We had fun and we enjoyed all that attended. The Hughes, Hyers Kistemanns,Kolbys,Willetts,Greens,Vergo's,Alleys, Stourke,Gardners,And Barrons. We love you all and are "Happy" you could share in "HAPPY'S" 4 th b-day.

Logans new Bike

Well Logan needed a new bike really bad because he is still riding a pink trike I bought him when he was year old. well it's faded and practically broken and besides he needs to learn how to ride so he can go on bike rides with us and not be in the trailer. I let them ride in the middle of the street because I barricaded of the road with big reflector cones. So the cars are forced to slow down . Tanner is 7 and I let him go further,but I'm still there to make sure he follows the road rules. Not all cars look for kids /bikes.