Monday, May 10, 2010


Look at that smile... so excited to have is own team
H O M E R U N home run hitter

Tanner is in AA division 9 &10 yr olds.
He has made some awesome plays too.

Best friends

Logan loves to play catcher doesn't quit get the whole idea but just loves being out on the fields and playin ball it s a darn good thing Mom & dad love baseball and are coaching and practicing with them almost daily... they love correction we love it. baseball season we live at the ball park if its not the little league then we are at the DODGERS.. Some parents cant stand baseball or go for the kids and support. Some complain .. I don't mind it a bit. I don't think i have missed a game when we are at the fields I don't have to cook... shhhh that the real reason. don't tell. We usually dont get home till 7:30 no time to cook and we have to be there @ 4:40 so not much time before either. JK