Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Blessings

This year I do have a lot to be grateful for. I am blessed to have my family back together again. We are doing quit weel and are happy.To those who knew & cared,thanks for all your thought ,prayers and a ear listen and a shoulder to cry on. My kids are so happy and I too. I am grateful for both grandparents involved in our lives and they are here to help us out. Most of all I am so very grateful for my great friends who carried me through this very difficult year for me. I love my heavenly Father and I know he is there and wants families to be together forever. I'm living proof.Scott and I just celebrated 12 yrs of marriage and 14 yrs being together. Let me tell you ..this has been a true test for me and us. Marriage is work daily work..But I'm glad cause I have 3 beautiful children and a eternal family. I hope you all had a blessed day with family.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Trick OR Treat

Family picure
Three happy trick o treaters

Can you guess? Anikan Skywalker

G.I Joe the new one

Fancy Nancy.... she had her I on this puppy and I told her if she is Fancy Nancy for halloween I'll get it . It's her dog Frenchy. She loves it too. I hope you all had a happy and safe Halloween.

It seems like Halloween is celebrated longer and longer. Now days the kids wear their costumes to school, church parties, neigh parties, by the time halloween actually gets here my kids have had enough. Seriously!! I let my kids literally gorge n candy for three days then ---gone. Yes I throw it away. never been a problem they have never asked for it again. Its works great for me. Anyhow this year we actually didn't stay home and pass out candy we went to a neighborhood party and it was a blast. We did take all the kids out for a little bit and then back for some more food and dancing around acting crazy. Isn't that what kids do best... I enjoyed being low key and enjoying my family time.