Saturday, December 11, 2010

Thanksgiving Hike

We went hiking up GMR it was a beautiful day
My three hikers

I climbed up the tree and didnt realize how high
i was until scott tried to hand me Paige. I felt very unstable.
Here is he five sedonds we got up there together.

I was the caboose coming back and this
was a cute picture.

Tanner got brave and I shoved him up.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Tanner back in the green 4th grade
As you can see Logan soo excited to be
in the Limo. !st & 2nd grade.

Logan getting in the LIMO

Logan & Ayden good friends ready to board.

Tanner chilin at Legends with friends.
4 th grade soo cool dude.
This is the Big reward for our fundraiser. You have to sell
$150 to go on LIMO LUNCH.
I had the chance to chaperone it. it was fun and exhausting.
Thanks La Fetra kids for being good !!!

Halloween 2010

Cutest white skeleton i ever saw.

Our family halloween photo

Our neighborhood got together for a party

We carved all three pumpkins

Logan 6th Bday

Singing happy bday to mr logan
Party in the spa

YummyCARS cake

We borrowed the back yard of a friend and they brought
their parrott out before all the quest showed up.
Logan really enjoyed that.

All thee ready to swim...
Happy 6 Bday logan

Friday, November 12, 2010

soccer soccer

My two boys
Tanner 5 yr playing soccerand he has
really stepped it up this yr. Sure suprised
all of us. He has made 2 goals and is an excellent
banana goal kisker and center fullback.

Logans 1 yr at soccer and he got to choose his
jersey # because im team mom . He chose 6 hes age.
Logan when he puts his mind to it he will go for it.
He has made 5 goals this yr. they get a$1 for every goal.
we are so proud of our soccer boys.

Ready to win !!

We had a bonfire 2yrs ago to celbrate my bday at the beach with my friends Missy & stacey. We dont get together much because they both moved away. But the summers a good time to meet up at the beach and let the kids play with eachother. we now make it a tradtion. Its so fun to be at the beach an dawn and watch the sunset and roast hotdogs & smores. we really have fun.
Hughes, Barron & Hughes kids

The three wise moms....:)

Last beach day

Logan being a goof.
Paige & kate playing together

Lauren burying Paige

Us 6 mom with ALL the kids.

I think we counted 22 kids crazy but fun

Back to School

Paige is a butterfly this yr.
All three kiddos ready for school.

Paige is so ready for school.

Logan after his first day of 1st grade

Tanner getting ready to tackle 4th grade.
My computer has been having problems for a while and hasnt
allowed me to im playin catch uo from summer.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Here is my life.....
Mom & daughter I luv u

we actually both have a really good tan
this picture does not do justice.

The tide was high, we needed to do this quick and Paige puts her hand on her hip.... needless to say i had to take it and fast. Right after the wave came and almost knocked us all over.

It was sooo nice to have a family day of relaxation with dad. Scott doesn't get to do much with us anymore with him working so much. The kids have been asking for dad. All i wanted was to be together. It was so fun. We made a huge rainbow. Atunnel. played in the sand with the kids. played in the water. it was a beautiful day. Nice weather nice company.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer Luv'n

Baseball season wen until mid June so this is also part of our summer too. Tanner AA padres team won our division then went on to play city series . Scott received coach good sportsmanship award , Tanner got his trophy for winning division & Mr Logan received his T-ball award. We all won. Mom & Paige got 3 happy Boys.
Tanner waiting for his swim lessons from Kirsty Ferrell by reading his book Steinbeck's Ghost for his summer reading book club . One of the 4 gr teachers did 2 books this summer for the incoming 4&5 gr. Tanner really enjoyed it and is learning.

Having fun in the hot pool. Only 21 mo apart. 2lbs and 2 in...

Logan just finishing up his their pool

Paige doing her starfish..the first day she cried and screamed the
whole 1/2 hr and some the second day by day three Logan took this role on for some strange reason. It also DIDNT help that we choose the week with no sun my kids were shivering ...something wrong with swim lessons and no sun. We got thru it and now they want to swim all the time. Thanks to the Wolfe's across the street from us who opened their pool for us. We r their almost everyday. It 's better than having our own pool. Just pick up and go.

Scott & I splurged and bought ourselves field seat dodger for
our Bday presents this yr. So fun so different!! We had a blast. We are Happy :-D

4th July sooo patriotic was on Sunday this yr
that night are block blocked off our culdesak and had a big BBQ and dessert then set off some fireworks. ooops shhh dont tell

I made red & blue cinnamon rolls, flag rice krispies &
red, White & blue fruit salad. I try to make holidays fun. I'm so creative.

Logan saw this dodgers at wal-mart in size 4t. it fits

Swimming at the early summer with friends.

Tanner was able to go to the APU new baseball

camp this summer. He loved it & learned so much.

First day of summer....waking up late ...Lego's

Tanner & Logan got to go to APU soccer camp.

Logan finally gets to go to camp... He's so excited.

I like this camp because it at night....

One summer morning all 3 together... Awwww

Logan asked me to take a picture of him

in his cap & baseball trophy. He finished K

and is all ready for 1 st I cant believe.