Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My new Body !!

Well this is for every ones request. You wanted pictures and here is one. Scott and I celebrated 11 yrs Sat. I had planned to go away to Disneyland and eat at the BlouByyu(I so not know how to spell this one)Any ways and then go get a room at the California Grand..Cause it's expensive....But he thought Not!!So He decided to help out his friend all day and put up siding on his room addition.And I said that's not fair for the kids who were sooooo excited to spend the night at Grandy & Grandpas. So I dropped them off and I had the whole weekend by my self. and to do what I wanted to do...Great So I went and pampered myself and got a facial and massage . Then I went shopping at Victoria gardens. Came home and

Scott wanted to go eat so we went to Outback and Enjoyed a nice relaxing dinner and were so tired we went back home and crashed early.I love you Scott We've had some thick and thin times but, I love you so much. That pampering really got to me. Then Sun he woke up and went back to work and I off to Pasadena to go X-mas shopping. Got a lot done. Yes On Sunday.I did enjoy driving my mother-in-laws red Camry. It was fun to be in a little car and No car seats kids coming in and out every time. I did enjoy. it. I got myself flowers for our anniversary and a beautiful purple set of jewelry.

I was also able to help out a good friend of mine Shannon who lost here Grandma this week and watched her Kate, Paige best friend. They have a love hate relationship. She was off to Utah for the burial.

I also Friday morning at 12:01 has the unforgettable experience when I with Denise, Nicole, Stephanie, Becky, Heather went to the Twilight movie. We decided to go after our Bunco night because our husbands would be home with our kids anyways. Perfect. we had fun coming home at 3am and being sooo tired the next day. Ok it was well worth it. I am working on book #2. So good. Thanks for a fun night girls.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

yes i finally broke my plateu

Well as you all know I started working out in Dec at the gym regularly and lost 15 lbs. within the first 5 months and got stuck and no matter what I did nothing. budged. So I decided to bump it up a little more and started walking 3.3miles early in the morning and just recently run the last 1.3 miles home. I weighed myself witch I rarely do and had a mini part in the bathroom. I was so proud of myself it gave me more juice to keep it up. So I'm doing my first 5k thanksgiving morning with my girlfriend Cara. Scott's going to bring the kids to support me. So my new size 12. Feel great!!!

Also We played our semi finals game today and WON !!!!! we went into 2 5min overtimes and then went into sudden death. Our Kyle scored and our kids jumped the coach. It was the best experience I have ever felt. For the kids to work this hard all season and to show them it pays off. The are so stoked now. We play again Dec. 6 for the championship....yea I'm so proud as a mother and of my husband Scott for coaching these precious kids. What an experience for him too. Such an energy booster WOW!!!

This is when playing in sports gets fun. I'm hopping Logan can play next year but his birthday may push him back a whole other year. Can You believe it I forgot my camera for this game. So her are some other game shots.

Here is Logan putting puzzles together and Tanner playing with his girlfriend Taylor who lives across the street.They sure have fun playing house with Cameron and Logan as kids and Paige the baby. It's cute.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

O as you can see We had Spider man Bat man and Miss CInderella or rella as Paige puts it. Doen't she look beautiful. Tanner was dying to be white power ranger and they did not have it this year so since I had credit at party city he got to choose and I hope this super hero stuff gets out of his system beacuse I'm sooooo over it. Logan got both bat & spider man for his birthday and he decided to do one each day. Paige loves rella and she is defintely a princess. As you can see her with her baby and baby bottle usually doen't part with them unless she has her purple titat(blanket) or bites from either dad or mom. Mom and the kids had fun carving the pupkins tanner wanted to do a power ranger one might as well....Logan did scary tongue guy and Paige did cinderella castle. We had fun this year and mom is glad it's over. Now we can focus on Fall being grateful for what's really important FAMILY.BLESSINGS.
count your many blessing seee what God has done. Yes that is a picture of my mother "grandma" The kids love her. She gets to watch the kids often and I love that. Love my mummy.Now I will let the kids practically binge eat candy and then they and I are over it and off to the trash it goes. Hope you all had a safe Halloween and had fun.

School Halloween party

Thursday October 30 Logan had his Halloween trunck or treating party and fun games at school. So I went to decorate my trunck for his school and brought ghost peanut butter & jelly sandwiches for the kids lunch and Fri Halloween I went to Tanner's school for his parade with a purpose where the kids bring a canned good to donate for the needy families in the are for meals on wheels.It's great for the children to learn it doesn't take much to care. It's really simple.Then we all went to the rooms and they all rotated rooms and played different games. Back to regular classes for pizza & trick or treating at the desks. Kids had fun. Lots of work for parents teachers and helpers.Hope they appreciate it. Then of course early out for going home and getting a good meal in before we go real trickOtreating.