Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Years

This year since our Disneyland passes expired on the 3. We decided to go on New Years day and just enjoy some family time. It was pretty chilly there and we all bundled up and could not believe the wait to get into the park. Lucky for us with passes it wasn't that bad. We went straight to Space mountain and Scott took Logan and waited in line while I waited at the exit with Tanner and Paige for the switch pass. Tanner will no longer go on it , but he will go on California screaming. Go figure. Anyways we don't let that dampen our fun. We still have to wait for Paige . We decided to do and try new things this year when we renew. There are so many things that the park has to offer and we always do the same things every time. So this time we went to see the country comedy show and have lunch there. I realized I only got one picture. Then the next day Scott said we should go to Sam's and stock up again. So here we are. Then Tanner got a Lego helicopter that daddy promised he would help build with him. After about 15 min No one was interested anymore. Their patience isn't very long. Kids had a very long break and did quit a bit. Glad to spend quality time with them also glad to have them back in school Yea!! Scoot is back training for his Tri in April and I'm still at the gym working my way down. We are off to a good start this year I pray for love support comfort, patience, pain tolerance , good health, healing, Happy times .