Tuesday, April 14, 2009

DODGERS opening day WOW !!!

We had the awesome experience to go to opening day at Dodger stadium and watch the first official home game against the Giants. We kicked their butts. Anyways we left about 11am pulled Tanner out of school early and packed us all up and got their early to watch all the festivities. They announce all the players coaches and pretty much any one that does something for the team out on the field, then they did the giants as they are getting booed. Then they let of fireworks and pulled out this huge American flag as I try to keep the tears from coming. I'm a huge patriotic fan. Then they walked out all the flags and had Christie from China sing the national anthem. Blue and silver streamers shot out everywhere it was fun. We then enjoyed our normal dodger dogs and peanuts and chocolate malts. We snacked on licorice and fruit rolls and trying to keep Logan and Paige entertained. Tanner 1 base men so into the game No problems. That's when you know they are growing up.We stayed to the very end. Yes I think are longest game. We usually leave during the 7 inning stretch. Paige I think went potty about 6 times and Logan about 4. We are doing great with potty training. I did bring a change of clothes for both just in case. We then got stuck in traffic trying to get out. That's the only thing about getting out late. People don't know how to drive. Any ways I'm so glad we get to go and share the love of baseball with our kids and teach them about American game and American traditions. I hope you guys enjoy these blogs and I'm caught up for a while I hope.

Easter Sunday

This easter break was blended with Tanner's birthday and Opening day at Dodgers. So we went to church that morning and came home and The bunny had been to our home. It left the kids pails with some candy and toys and then they went outside and found eggs. This year most of the eggs were filled with money and of course the kids love that. Then we headed over to grandy and grandpa for a nice dinner with their uncle. No cousins this time we are hoping soon. Hope you all enjoyed spending this special day with ones you love. I know I did. My children

Happy 8th Birthday Tanner

Ok so these went in backwards but you'll get the idea backwards. We started out a slow week but Friday we started out at Disneyland for Tanners free birthday pass and ended up buying a pass for Logan and I also. We were able to purchase them on the NEW payment plan. So great and you can use the free birthday $$$69 towards a new or renewal pass so it's not that mad. Anyways. So Tanner was soooo excited about his sleep over tonight with 5 of his best friends. we had to put a number on it. He went on 2 rides and sat on the train and he said I want to get home mom I don't want to miss my part. Ok we went home and as you can see we had plenty of time because Mom got smart and had everything ready the day before. When his friends finally arrived it got instantly crazy and non stop till as you can see in the one picture lights finally went out at 1am YES 1 am I seriously thought and planned on not getting much rest as this was what he wanted for his birthday O and NO siblings. His quest was granted. I was pretty sure they would tire out at Midnight. These were some hardcore and very competitive kids. Playing Wii movies baseball basketball tag you name it. We had pizza and cake ice cream and unlimited about of candy to enjoy. They did have fun. They were all awake at 7 morning and Scott went to Donut man for a run of donuts and milk for the kids. Pick-up was 10 am and I was so done... And he's only 8. What did I get myself into....I am soo happy and grateful to be Tanner's mother and carried him for 9 months. He is a very sweet and loving son and really tries to please others. He is very competitive loves sports and his family. He tries to keep us all together. He's doing his best in 2 grade and loves school. He's preparing to be baptized. Tanner is a special child and I his mother am very proud of him. He's really improved this year on a lot of levels baseball and his scholastic skills. He's the first baseman on his Padres team this year and doing awesome. He's a great kid. Happy 8 b-day Fulio (family joke)