Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sunbeam !!!

Paige is so excited to be a Sunbeam with all her friends. She has Kate, Sophie,Peyton,Isaiah,Evan,Elias& Juliana. That's a big group. Paige clings to me because I'm secretary so it makes it quit hard. She loves her teacher Sister Roper (also our neighbor). I have entered a new stage with all 3 kids in Primary. Wow!!! that's so new to me. Paige enjoys the sunbeam song Popcorn, snowman and I am a child of God. Congrats miss Paige...

Friday, January 8, 2010

Sparkling 2010

Well as you can see we've been tagged..
The boys wanted to paint a piece of wood
so I got my craft paint and brushes
out and they were too quiet i told Scott.
We were both reading and got up to see
why there was a Mom/Dad we have a surprise
you don't want to know what we said . so
now they are actually excited to repaint the fence
white again.

Mom/Dad both worked new yrs eve so we left the
poppers confetti and fun stuff to do with grandma.
they had sparkling cider and stayed up as late as they
could and fell asleep on the pa let on the floor.

Paige graduated from nursery to sunbeams and from
crib to big girl bed too....Now we just have
to train her to stay in bed.

This what I did Christmas eve and new yrs eve.
decided to make chicken tamales.
first batch 72 second 80. We gave away as gifts
to friends family and neighbors. we traded some for
Cinnamon rolls and candies. It works. trading still
works. Any how i love having tamales in my freezer.
I hope all enjoyed the Rose parade and I'm hoping and praying for a happier and better year than my last. I have had some major obstacles in my way and it's the way you handle them that makes you the person you are. My personal goal is to be happier and and less stressful. With a new Year a new start..........Go 2010 !!!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Merry Christmas

Scott was in a good mood I took advantage. I love this picture
Scott's Parents

Scott's brother and his three.

I thought this one was cute too for the card .
Never mind the address or the front porch or the color of this house.

Paige got her pink guitar

Tanner & Logan both got Nerf guns

My brother surprised me Christmas

Eve. down from Colorado. It was great to

him and see how excited the kids were to

see him too. He brought his puppy with

and the kids fell in love. No we are NOT

getting a dog.

Christmas morning with Santa stuff.

Paige still isn't quit sure about

the whole deal.As long as brothers

are then she's cool. We had an enjoyable Christmas all the families got along . It was pleasant. Christmas was little this year but meaningful. I guess we now have to go back to Colorado to see my brother this time. darn a vacation !!! I'm so glad for school to start again....I know I'm not they only one. finding ways to keep kids entertained and out of trouble and not watching TV allllll day long. back on track...