Thursday, August 15, 2013

Back to school once again

                                                      Has to come back on last time B4 school
                                           We enjoyed a fun summer of many beach trips with good friends. Logan went to all stars in baseball through JUNE. Tanner started doing fields as his first job getting paid and good $$ will I say. Paige
Logan went to VBS and dirt camp. Logan went to cub scout camp> Paige did art camp. Tanner went to Scout camp at Cherry valley Catalina Island. We kept busy. And enjoyed the no routine sleeping in and doing it on our own time. more summer pix to come.
                                                      Happy Birthday to my dear friend MISSY
                            just would not be back to school with out the famous 1 day pictures
                                                     grade mrs tilton
                                                      paige  mrs Richter
                                                       Sandburg middle school

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hughes 50yrs/reunion

Hughes Family Everett Joyce Stephanie Darren Scott
original then they married added kids and on and on
Grandy & Grandpa with kids and Grand kids that are here.
Minus Jordan on a mission & Trenton away school
Grandy & Grandpa grnadkids ranging from 22yrs-5yrs
The whole crazy famdamily
Sheri&,Darren,Grandy&,Grandpa, Stephanie&,Jim Paul&, Brianna Jessica& Scott
Ethan , Whitney, Cole Landon, Kayla, Paige, Tanner, Logan
Logan playing catch with dad
We caught them in the hug...50 yrs Congrtas Grandy & Grandpa we hope we can all follow your awsome and sweet example. You 2 are so cute together. we love you
Kayla blowing bubbles with bucket hat
Jessica trying to find safety pins in rice... not easy
Each family was in charge of coming up with minute to
win it games.
Logan got 8
Tanner ,,,,, dont remember
Paige really trying ...4
Uncle Scott watching as Darren looks on to son Ethan.
Paul Brianna's husband got 12
Scott tied it up with Paul... we r not very competitive
Sisters Brianna & Kayla comedy game with...
Uncles Darren & Scott brothers
it was soooo funny Paige helping Grandy with ping pong balls.
Had to bounce on each plate and make 4 in bowl of water
Sheri very serious
Uncle Jim very mellow
Jessica got 3
Mommy helping Paige as she giggles on with cousin Landon watching
Logan tring very hard
You have to use a balloon to blow off the 10 cups from table
Grandpa thought he had this one ... almost took all the air out of him
repeat ooops
Logan got 5
Stacking apples ta da
easy but hard...dont be fooled
Anniversary cake that Brianna made
Cakes cooloing
Daddy & daughter at Dodgers Game
Dodger night with family
Mommy daughter
Can u tell they are newlyweds
Jim Landon Kayla waiting for dodger dogs
Brothers Tanner & Logan
Mommy Paige & Daddy
Grandy & Grandpa ANd Paul
We are missing Jordan kaylas brother serving in Palua
we love you and praying for you.
Beach trip with cousins
cousins kayla & Paige
Aunt stephanie got stung and Jessica came to rescue with tweezers& penny. yes copper takes the sting away.
Logan & Paige loooove the beach
Girls lunch date. Stephanie Brianna Grandy Jessica Kayla
We went to marie Calenders and ate 4 slices pie between us.
Back seat of tiny car tring to find post card of so ca
nobody has them... they r down from Arkansas