Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back to School

O well I've got Tanner officially off to school and is having a good week. He's adjusted well to new teacher, new friends and being back on the school campus. He's got to put together a" ME" book. Logan went to his introduction day of school and will start Tues 2 for 3 days wk/w/spanish. Logan has his best friend and neighbor across the street Cameron (in pic. ) and Justin( Missy's son) and Charlotte Morgan in his class.Mommy is looking forward to kids being in school and busy doing homework reading and soccer. Paige and mommy actually might be able start a dance class or something together. I've always dreamed of this moment because I grew up taking dance for 15 years. It's fun and a lot of hard work. But I love to dance to this day.So the boys are off.....Classroom sweet classroom. Mommy loves you and have a fun year!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Family pictures

Huntington beach vacation

We we finally were able to get away for a couple days and go to the beach to enjoy some R&r. Fri day we met up with the hughes and barrons as we have done most of the summer. and our other friend Cori came with 2 her boys and her brother-in-law and 2 girls. We always have fun and enjoy the sun and watching the kids play so good with eachother.We also had Missy take some family photos of us at the beach. What do you think.That night we missy and Stacey decided they wanted to walk down to Ruby's on the peir and eat dinner. So we decided to go along since we had to eat anyway and only had 10 drive to our hotel. So we walked almost 2 miles down waited 30 min ate yummy food and Mark and Tyler and CJ left early to get the car to come pick us up and Scott called a bike trolly to pick him up and mark and the boys to hurry things up. Well it didn't reaaly help much because we ended up walking most of it. It was annoying and funny all at the same time. All the kids were troopers they did not complain once. We went back to our hotel exhausted and so tired that we didn't even bathe the kids. I know gross. They actually crashed before we could. We went to IHOP for breakfast then back to the beach for a couple hours but the wind was blowing so we left adnwent swimming . We enjoyed lounging at the room and oredered in pizza for dinner and went to bed early. Sun we woke up checked out and went sight seeing and came home to get ready for school. It was short but, nice and relaxing and thats what a vaction is.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Go Dodgers!

The Hughes Family has had season tickets behind home plate oh 33 years now and as a hughes our family gets the opportunity to enjoy the Dodgers live at the stadium and get to experience the fun of All-American Baseball with the dodger dogs, coke & peanuts and just being in the atmosphere. The boys love to go to the dodger game and sometimes mom and dad get to go on a date without kids or a double date with friends. (Willett's).And sometimes grandpa goes with the boys . We have so much fun. I finally got a good picture of all of us at the game. Here are the boys eating their dodger dog and Paige too.Mommy and Paige for a quick snapshot and Logan just thrilled as can be, as you can see. We are truley blessed to enjoy such great fun, multiple times a year.Thanks Grandpa and Grandy we love you.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fridays funday day

Friday we were back at our usual spot at lifeguard station 11 in Huntington beach. We love it because all 8 of our kids play so good together no one fight and complains. I caught all 8 playin in the water together. I belive Tanner, Tyler,Kenzieand CJ boogie boarding and Justin ,Logan and Morgan jumping waves and running with the water as the tide comesin and out and Paige just lays in it and laughs. Tanner and Tyler posed for a photo after catching a wave and The beach bugs playin in the sand together and no sand throwin going on.Paige sitting in the toys bucket and then fell overafter the picture was taken and Missy catching up on all her celebrities. We have so much fun and it's amazing we rarely get complaints and we stall all day . It's a fun filled day the kids get to run and play and we moms get to relax and it's a cheap day out. we all like those right. Well I think I've got this down now what do you think .I like comments please you will not offend me only help. ooops i just remembered I need to flip some pictures. I forgot. sorry. See still learning.

On of our accomplishments this summer is Tanner has lost 3 teeth mainly his t font teeth. Yea!! He babied those suckers and Mom and Dad couldn't handle it any longer. So mom yanked those babies OUT!! They were so bad that whenpulled they others just moved right on in in 1 day,and the tooth fairy came and gave Tanner $ 7.oo. Lucky guy. This is Ryder a neighbor and classmate of Tanners. They had a playdate and he said his teeth hurt and I asked Mom if she wanted me to yank his too. So guess what I did. ANd (mom) Wendy couldn't believe I actually did it. I did save her money , she was going to take him to dentist. These other pictures of each kid on this huge beach ball. So adorable I couldn't resist it. I 'm a picture person. I almost always have my camera on hand.Some people call me crazy and others wonder how I always have such cute pictures or wow your kids are so photo genic.(sp) ? My kids say mom not again.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Add on

I lost it but went and found it. so here is the picture that scott caught me doing with all three at once. Engaged, amused ,& alert ...Priceless...

More summer fun

On wed we decided to go down to a local park that has a park and water fountains and the kids just loveit. We took a picnic lunch and let the kids run wild. Here is Paige eating her chips.

Here is Tanner & Logan waiting for the floor fountains to come back on again.

The Willett's Boys came over last week to play for a while because Tanner was driving me crazy for someone to play with. So theymade a fort out of blankets and pillows and got out all the logoes and made a city. Like from ratatoulle. it was cool. They all had fun made a huge mess , but they had fun and that's what counts. Guess who cleaned most of it up?

This has been the typical morning at our house Cartoon watching because theyonly get to watch cartoons on Sat. furing school time and we are usually at some sport or shopping. So I let this slide a little in the summer. So they have what a week left. and we have been reading and Scott got me in the act with all three at my side . So rare !!Can't find the pic? what happened? CRAP!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Scott's transformation

This is Scott getting ready to go on one of his many bike rides, as he is training for his first triathlon. Scott recently had gastric bypass surgery December 3, 2007. He is now 8 months into it and is exercising mania. He is swimming at Citrus College and biking 50 miles round trip and running 5- 12 miles. He's feeling great and we are very proud of dad and all that he has accomplished these last months. So if you knew him before and have not seen him or if you recently knew him and
didn't know what he looked like before. Now
you do!!

Summer fun

The boys had fun making a pallet on the floor to have a sleep out. They drove mommy and daddy nuts asking and asking and finally daddy gave in. Not mommy. I told Scott I'm going to bed it's all you.

Tanner and Logan enjoyed private swim lessons this summer up at the Ferrell's home.Tanner made sure every day he would NOT have to go into the deep end,then he was OK to go ahead with lessons. He wants to know whats going to happen before he does it. Logan was great with the Monkey tree, rocket and the last day he loved going under the water for dive sticks and jumping in off the side.

This is Miss Paige, don't know quite what she is doing here , but I'm going with she 's trying to bury her head or do a somersault.

We went up to Grandma's to say "goodbye" to the horses one last time and feed them watermelon rinds and carrots. It was time for them to move on to another home and start a new life there. My mother sold the horses and I wanted to support her and be with her during this difficult and emotional time in her life.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I'm just trying this out for the first time....