Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Jessica's B-Day

Justin,Mckenzie,Morgan,Logan,Paige,Tanner,CJ, and Tyler

Jessica taking a pix of herself.

Stacey 7 months , don't hate me for this.

Missy , yes it was that cold.

Happy Birthday

YUMMY Cotton candy $3 we all shared.

The new 3D toy story ride.

Don't we look adorable. Cute little family.

My 3 kiddos.

June 17 we started the day off to Disneyland so I could get my $69 gift card. If you don't have a season pass you get in free. Anyways we stayed until 3 came home. and mommy went out with the girls for a dinner.I t was to get away. Then Friday I met other girls down at the beach which was cold all day.We were lucky to reach 70 for about 15 min. So we decided to head in and they surprised me with a hot dog/smores dinner bonfire. It was fun. Thanks Missy and Stacey. We were cold but in great company. It's nice to be remembered on special days.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Padres R # 1

Isn't that precious...Logan had
to be a padre every game.
Robert R score keeper Coach Nelson
Coach Willett coach Hughes coach Jim

We just won can U tell?

Luv that smile" Happy feet"

2009 championship winners for A-ball

We did it. Baseball in officially over and the Padres came in second place. We were 1/2 game away from holding our first place position 3/4 the season. However we Won the championship game .It was a double elemination and we played all the teams and won. Best part we played the D-backs who didn't like us at all. We won them back to back. It was a sweet victory for us Padres.So the first trophy is for the regular season then other is for the championship.We had a very tight and united team with great parent participation which is huge. We had a great team party.Tanner was very blessed to have his Grandma and Grandy and Grandpa at almost every game supporting him. The last game Tanner's primary teacher Sister Williams came to see what a great first base men I had. The kids really gained confidence , improved and had fun!!!we already have signed up for soccer in the fall. so we will just enjoy the summer and start strong in the fall. GO PADRES !!!!!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Paige 3rd Birthday

I asked Paige what kind of part she wanted and she said PINK I said, how about a pink and purplelicious party. YES, YES, YES! So planning started. We had 5 little girls all wearing of course pink and purple. all the food was pink and purple and all the guessed it pink and purple.And no Boys!! all girls. We decorated foam tiaras, colored purplicious pages and pinned the cherry on the cupcakes. We did read both books to get all acquainted with the theme. Paige and I have to read them daily.And to my surprise I guess there is a new one called Goldilicious too. So Grandy said she will get it for us. Yea. I'm excited.We really had fun and the girls did too. A special thanks to Shannon Hyer for taking pictures for me because I could not find my camera.I found it later that day.So I took what I could.I have to wait for the rest.Sophie, Kate, Bryn and Payton helped celebrate with us. Thanks. I did get a little over my head with these pinkalicious cupcakes. They look just like the book !!! Yes I pulled it off.