Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tanner's 9th BDAY

Can u see the 9 fingers?
Watching the funny movie. We took up a whole row
some guy actually asked Scott & I if they were
all ours.. No we said it's a party.Could you imagine!!

Eating pizza & mini rootbeer & 7-up.

Blowing out his candles & making a wish.
I hope all your wishes come true...

These are the friends that were able to come.

Well Tanner had his 9th bday didn't know what we were doing until Monday..I feel so bad. Could not pin point what to do . Parties are so much now days.We ended inviting his few closest friends. Some were out of town still o well we will have this problem for every year his bday is during Easter vacation.We went to see the movie Diary of the wimpy kid. Very cute perfect for this age too. $6.00 matinee tickets some popcorn we are set. Then back home for some pizza and cake. and a good game of baseball. Tanner has been saving up for a DS.Almost there. Tanner has been doing much better in school, his grades improved, he's graduated to bobcat in scouts and is a great baseball player. He's a very caring brother...Your mom & dad love you "big guy"

Happy Birthday Tanner.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Break

This is the ski ride..kinda scary way up high
Mommy Paige & Logan getting off
Tanner hanging off the elephant husk
My Logan
Paige hanging off the collar tracters they put on the animals
I just thought this looked cool
Easter morning

This Easter vacation it used to be called now its spring break. It really bothers me. Any how we had no church this Easter because it was conference so it was nice not to rush off and spend quality time as a family. Conference was great. Kids loves hunting for eggs, every year they get harder and harder to find and less candy. I like that part.We then headed over to in-laws for dinner at 1 :( I don't get it either... Scott then surprised us with an overnight trip to San Diego and went to the Zoo. We loved the walking and looking... Beautiful day to. Not hot not cool. Wed we already had plans to go to Disneyland actually ca Adventure with the Jordan's. It was relaxing and sunny perfect weather, a little breeze. Too many people so we left after Californian screaming. Paige went on Soaring and tower of terror and Tanner has to work his way through the emotions. He's gonna be 9 you know. Thursday we went and got haircuts and let the kids play. Sure wish we had a pool. O well.Sat tanners bday so we will be busy. That's another post. I actually enjoyed the break of NO baseball/school/scouts... its nice to break from the rut..Hope you all enjoyed it too.