Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Blessings

This year I do have a lot to be grateful for. I am blessed to have my family back together again. We are doing quit weel and are happy.To those who knew & cared,thanks for all your thought ,prayers and a ear listen and a shoulder to cry on. My kids are so happy and I too. I am grateful for both grandparents involved in our lives and they are here to help us out. Most of all I am so very grateful for my great friends who carried me through this very difficult year for me. I love my heavenly Father and I know he is there and wants families to be together forever. I'm living proof.Scott and I just celebrated 12 yrs of marriage and 14 yrs being together. Let me tell you ..this has been a true test for me and us. Marriage is work daily work..But I'm glad cause I have 3 beautiful children and a eternal family. I hope you all had a blessed day with family.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Trick OR Treat

Family picure
Three happy trick o treaters

Can you guess? Anikan Skywalker

G.I Joe the new one

Fancy Nancy.... she had her I on this puppy and I told her if she is Fancy Nancy for halloween I'll get it . It's her dog Frenchy. She loves it too. I hope you all had a happy and safe Halloween.

It seems like Halloween is celebrated longer and longer. Now days the kids wear their costumes to school, church parties, neigh parties, by the time halloween actually gets here my kids have had enough. Seriously!! I let my kids literally gorge n candy for three days then ---gone. Yes I throw it away. never been a problem they have never asked for it again. Its works great for me. Anyhow this year we actually didn't stay home and pass out candy we went to a neighborhood party and it was a blast. We did take all the kids out for a little bit and then back for some more food and dancing around acting crazy. Isn't that what kids do best... I enjoyed being low key and enjoying my family time.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Tanner's scouting awards

Tanner received his Wolfe badge, 2 beads and 1 gold and 2 silver arrows. I am so proud of Tanner and his hard work in Scouts.
This is most of the troop.

Grandma and Paige

Grandpa an Logan

Tanner & Sebastian

Griffith Observatory

Looking at the big telescope

This is the earth.

We decided one day to go to Griffith Observatory and go somewhere educational,as a family.It was a beautiful day and we took a picnic and enjoyed some family time.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Logans 5 Birthday

Yummy Cake " HAPPY Birthday"
Logan's favorite ride. can u blame him.

Logan hitting the the pinata.

waiting for friends to arrive

Mommy and Logan waiting for the train. All Aboard...Well as you can see we started the day off at Disneyland to get his free gift card. We stayed and went on a few rides, then headed home. It was so nice there. Beautiful day no waits. wanted to stay but had to come home to get ready for his party. A Dodger party with his friends. We played baseball,ate hot dogs , popcorn, licorice, and of course cake and ice cream. Logan surprisingly ate his cake. Not just the frosting that he loves. He did request the skateboards kids head to eat though. Funny !
Any how we did pinata cake and presents. We had fun. Thanks to Brenna-Brooklyn- Natalie- Cameron-Kylee-Rodrigo-Lauren Grandy N Grandpa & Grandma for all my fun toys. Logan is in Kindergarten now with Mrs. Perez and loves going to school now. My happy is growing and I'm proud of him. Happy 5 birthday buddy.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back to School

Brenna & Logan in the same class.
Paige went to Pre-school
with Mrs. Adrianna at Grace Lutheran School.

Logan ready for Kindergarten !

Tanner big 3rd grader

All ready to go to school. my three kids all going to school. Mommy will actually get a break for a little bit now. I am so proud of my three kids . I love them so much and wish them well this school year and always do your best and mommy and daddy love you....

Last week of SUMMER !

Barron boys and hughes kids
using broken umbrella as fort.
Paige is 3

Logan & paige dancing.

Logan & Paige playing in sand.
This last week we enjoyed Dodger game one with kids and one without we went to Disneyland and Beach on Friday with good friend Missy Cj, Justin. It was cold there practically all day until sun broke out around 3 maybe for an hour or so. We then headed out to In & Out for dinner then home. The week prior United Methodist church hosted a Robot camp week that Tanner and Paige really enjoyed. They samg songs, did crafts and met new friends along with some friends they already new from church and the community.Logan was able to attend the Bridge Academy at La Fetra to get the Kindergartners ready for school. He enjoyed that and 2 play dates with his buddy Jared.We had a slow moving summer but happy to get back to the school/ soccer schedule again.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Last boat trip ...

Getting ready to pull out of water.
I caught 3 fish

Tanner after he caught a barracuda.

Logan sooo excited to just
be on the boat, like Daddy

Paige wore these practically
the whole day. Made sure she
could see everything.
Well after the boat was on the market for a year we finally were able to sell the boat and get out of that ugly payment. I know Scott will miss it and had a hard time letting go. It was hard for the whole family. We got to take it out one last time together as a family. Just to be on the water is sooo relaxing.


After we got this free tomato plant
growing delicious tomatoes Scott got
excited and decided to plant a vegetable
garden in our back yard in a spot that pr
pretty much did nothing for us now we
hopefully will have Cauliflower squash, zucchini, carrots bell peppers, which are quit pricey. Any how we are watching it everyday to see progress.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Homegrown tomatoes

Got these beauties ...
From this. It started on day
when I noticed a unfamiliar weed
looking thing in my rose bushes.
It kept growing n growing and
growing out of control, taking over my
roses. Then we discovered little green balls.
Well what do you know we have a tomato plant.
Don't know how it got there, but we get to enjoy
yummy tomatoes on the vine without
buying them. Perfect timing for the summer!

Bathroom update

Well it all started 7 yrs ago when we remodeled the house and the bathroom really never got finish. And so we left it bright yellow on top tan step and walls creamy yellow ragged. I have not liked it since then and have wanted to repaint. So paige pulled on the towel rack and it came out of the wall. Scott says now is the time to repaint if we are going to do it. Yea!! I helped with about half and ended up finishing the white on top. Decor still in waiting, but finally feels open and bigger.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fun in the Sun @Huntington Beach

Tanner, Rodrigo, Tyler and Logan
digging a huge hole.
Mommy watch'n the kids.

Sebation and Tanner getting pulled down by huge waves.

Tanner trying to fight off the big waves.

Tyler Hughes trying to bury Tanner Hughes.

Paige giving mommy a kiss.

This what makes me happy !

Paige Hughes, Brittney Best, Dylan Best,
Kenzie Hughes, Morgan Hughes & Logan Hughes.

Goofy guy

Mom the sand feels good.

Well It all started out with some baseball mom's wanted to get together over the summer to stay in touch. So Paola Jordan and her 2 boys came with her friend, then Connie Strickland came with her 3 boys, then me with my 3 Missy and her Justin , sister-in-law Amber with her 2 youngest, then Stacey 8 months and her 3. We all met up at Huntington Beach with all 13 kids. it was fun. The kids all played so well together and the moms were able to relax. Cheap activity. $10 parking and walla. I love doing this and my 3 love it too. Yes I dous (sp)my kids in 85 sunblock and they are off. Reapply every 1 or 2. We all have fun and come home shower and a good night rest. Thanks for making beach Friday fun. Everyone!!!!