Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas at the Hughes home

Well this year I would have to say with the economy the way it is and Scott's line of work we are very blessed that we had a good Christmas. We have a roof over our heads with heat and 3 healthy children and family and great friends. We pause this time of year to give our time and talents and Love to our Savior Jesus Christ and enjoy this holiday season. We were able to see Santa twice this year and found out that Paige doesn't like him and wants nothing to do with him. Not even a little treat. Logan still isn't quit sure, yet. Tanner is really questioning him. We tell him as long as you believe he will come. Also along with the peeking of presents. If you peek or open it it goes back to the store. No more peeking. That was a quick fix.. We went to our small town Christmas parade and to a neighbor Santa party. It has been unusually cold this year for California. I know those of you reading this from colder states are laughing but for us here it's COLD... 45-47 .New years we hope for 69. Thant's warm. It feels so good to have the sun shinning.Tanner was excited as you can see with the Wii and even though daddy didn't want it he sure got into it. Grandy and Grandpa got Tanner stars wars costume trunk so they didn't hesitate to go change before they were finished with all their presents. They did wear them all day long. The 2 grown men on the ground would be Scott and his brother Darren on the ground something about dude your fat....and it was on. Grandpa or DAD had to come break them up because mom couldn't plus they were gonna knock the tree over. Idiots !!! We sure had fun visiting uncle Darren and his kids. The cousins don't get to play together enough. So it was great for them and then we played games all day and night.

As you all know Scott had gastric bypass last Dec and has lost quit a bit of weight. As most of you will see with the holiday picture we sent out. So if you have not seen him in a while hold on you might be shocked. He did his first Olympic distance tri in sept. and is currently training for his first 1/2 iron man in May. He weighs 147 lbs. And looks great.

Tanner is in second grade and is doing great.He is really good in math an Science. He loves sports and is very competitive. His soccer team went all the way to the finals this year and wound up in 2 place. and Tanner went to all stars . He was stoked!! We have a break before baseball starts up again. So we enjoy this break.

Logan is in preschool 3 week and love s his teacher and is doing great. He 's in a class with his best friend Cameron and he lives across the street so they play all the time and are very close. Logan loves to read and do puzzles and play batman and super heroes.

Paige is 21/2 and a real princess. but is very tough with 2 big bro. She can hold her own for the most part. She loves to read and do puzzles and play baby dolls.

Jessica is a busy mother between my church calling in primary and kids in school sports keeping a house and dealing with everyday life. I ran my first 5k turkey trot this year and beat my own time I put for myself. I'm proud of that and also the fact I've lost 2 dress sizes.Yea!!!

So this about sums up our life lately. Hope you enjoy the pictures and have a happy new year.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Is...

Well this year Scott's soccer team Packers went all the way to the finals we came in 2nd. we are so proud of him and especially Tanner. He played a good half back and we could always count on him to boot that ball out of the goal. Even though he played against a lot of his friends on apposing teams. Tanner also got selected for All-Stars this year which was an honor. The only bad thing about this is we were playing soccer the second week into Dec. with very chilly weather for Ca. It's been quit cold here.

We also have been to see Santa twice this year and we now know that our Paige wants nothing to do with Santa Claus Not even the gift. And Tanner knows that's not the real Santa that "costume". da mom his shoes aren't the same. I told him as long as you "Believe" he will come but don't ever ruin it for your brother and sister.

Scott is back again training for his 1/2 ironman in may and since it is so cold outside he has been riding stationary in the house. And I have been getting up at 5:45 to go walk/running and gym. It's 45-47 outside COLD!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thanksgiving (Late)

I woke up early this year to join my friend Cara in Laverne to run!!!you saw this right run a 5K with her along with some other friends of hers in the 1 annual Claremont Turkey trot. I didn't think I could do it. In fact I didn't register to do it until the morning of because I wasn't even sure if I was going to walk or run it. I ran the whole thing and thought I was gonna die. I was so proud of myself and beat my own time. 3.1 miles in39:26...How great is that!!!! then I came home and took a 2 hour nap.. I was so sore and tired the rest of the day through sat. Yea!!!!

This year was definitely one of the years I actually sat down and wrote down all my blessings and counted them one by one.We go to Scott's parents house every year because they invite us and I don't have to cook. The last two years they have invited my mother to join because she home alone with 1 cat and 2 dogs. It's nice to be able to be together on Thanksgiving. Joyce and Ev work really hard every year to give us a yummy dinner. Thank you ! Oh how blessed am I. Even in this bad situation with the world and economy crises. I have been struggling with some issues and it's nice to know the Lord loves me and is still blessing me with tons...

* I am a women

* I have a loving mother

* Family that loves me.

* three beautiful children that adore their mother.

* they are healthy

*I have a home(warm & cozy)

*I have food on my table and bills paid

* a husband that works hard to provide

* good friends that I can depend on

*I am a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints

* I ran my first 5K

* I'm able to stay home and care for my children

* I love my neighborhood

* Great schools and I get to help out Tanner & Logan

The list does go on but you have an idea.Our anniversary usually falls a day or two from Thanksgiving but, this year it was a week earlier. So we celebrated 11 yrs.by going to dinner. it is nice to spend one on one time with by husband, Who I truly love.