Sunday, October 19, 2008

Since the DOdgers went to the playoffs we had the experience to go see it from up top. Tickets are quit expensive and we were just excited to get to go and we took some good friends of ours(Willett's) that like baseball with us.We had pretty ggod seats as you can see and saw a couple fights and some die hard fans. Funny ! It was a nice date night to get out without kids and enjoy some adult time together. We need to do this more often....Definetely...

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Scott's 1st Triathalon

Today we had the awsome opportunity to go watch daddy do his first tri-athalon. He did just had he thought time wise. He finished in 3:20:22 I met his parents Joyce and Ev and we watched him from the beginning through all the switch off to the finish. Scott's brother Darren and his three kids Trenton, Whitney and Ethan joined us and we enjoyed this fascinating event take place. Can't believe the time and money some of these people put into it. I'm talking thousands of $$$. I guess my mother also came to see him but never found us. But she did get to see Scott and that the reason she came. Scott has had a lot of support and from a wife's point of view I am so proud of him. What a great accomplishment. Now he'l take a break and start traing for his 1/2 ironman in April. We do look forward to experiencing another eventful day with him. This time we get to go to San Diego. Yea!! Well Scott is now 10 months since bypass and as you can tell feels great.


Friday we again went to Disneyland with my friend Missy and her 2 son Cj and Justin. We had fun but O my gosh I don't know what happened but it was so busy over by Haunted mansion and Indiana Jones. It was scary crazy. The canceled the firework show due to the wierd weather and we found out Justin and Logan were tall enough now for Matterhorn and space mountain and Paige can now go on Autopia. Yea!! Now we are making progress. However My three all fell asleep at space mountain and Tanner did not want to go and CJ did. Missy went with her boys and we used the switch pass for CJ and I to go. We then left. I always enjoy going places with Missy. We look forward to another Disney trip.