Thursday, August 15, 2013

Back to school once again

                                                      Has to come back on last time B4 school
                                           We enjoyed a fun summer of many beach trips with good friends. Logan went to all stars in baseball through JUNE. Tanner started doing fields as his first job getting paid and good $$ will I say. Paige
Logan went to VBS and dirt camp. Logan went to cub scout camp> Paige did art camp. Tanner went to Scout camp at Cherry valley Catalina Island. We kept busy. And enjoyed the no routine sleeping in and doing it on our own time. more summer pix to come.
                                                      Happy Birthday to my dear friend MISSY
                            just would not be back to school with out the famous 1 day pictures
                                                     grade mrs tilton
                                                      paige  mrs Richter
                                                       Sandburg middle school

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